Pediatric Direct Primary Care

Central Florida’s only 5-star rated concierge pediatric provider and the only pediatric direct primary care provider west of Orlando.

Membership Benefits

  • DIRECT access to YOUR pediatric provider with same or next day appointments, ability to call, text, email with concerns
  • All well visits, sick visits, sports physicals included
  • Telehealth (virtual visits) and home visits also available (home visits for additional fee)
  • Form completion for school, camp, daycare, etc
  • Chronic disease management (asthma, allergies, autism, eczema, constipation, anxiety, developmental disorders, etc)

Acute disease management (in-house testing of Strep, COVID, flu, mono, RSV, urinalysis, glucose, etc)

What insurance do you take? Should my child have insurance?

As a direct primary care office, we do not bill insurance.  At BlueWater Family Wellness, most of our patients do have private insurance and we recommend at least having a high deductible plan in case of emergency.  We like to use the analogy of insuring your car in case of an accident/total, but knowing insurance doesn’t cover routine maintenance like an oil change or tire rotation.

But I have a “healthy” child, why do I need you?

With insurance-driven care, your pediatric provider can only spend 10 minutes with you for your annual check-up.  That’s different with BlueWater Family Wellness.  Since we are a direct primary care office, we strive to do more than that and want to be an extension of your family.  We get messages frequently that other offices are full and parents must take their child to urgent care when sick, we want to do better and want to be available to see when your kiddo is sick.  Your family gets better care when your child’s history is known.

How do vaccines work at BlueWater?

We are vaccine-friendly and also respect parental choice.  While we are growing our direct primary care practice, vaccines will not be available in the office, and we can direct you where to get these vaccines for your child.

Want more information geared toward the kiddos?  Check out our blog and click on the Pediatrics Articles.

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