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Direct Primary Care

Our experienced providers offer specialized care for your entire family, covering pediatric and adult health needs. Whether you need regular checkups, have questions or concerns, or are feeling unwell, we are here to assist. Even when you’re in good health, we provide wellness support, helping you achieve peak performance, reach a healthy weight, and overcome obstacles. Our services are easily accessible and convenient, with flexible scheduling and options like helpline, texting, online booking, and email to reach your health team at your convenience.

When your provider is no longer having to work for the insurance company, they become YOUR healthcare partner and you are no longer “just a number.”

Pediatric Care

West Orlando’s ONLY pediatric direct primary care provider

Our pediatric direct primary care services cover all well visits, sick visits, and sports physicals, as well as telehealth visits. Home visits are offered (great for newborns!) at an additional cost. We also handle form completion for school, camp, and daycare, while providing management for chronic diseases like asthma, allergies, autism, and more. Bluewater Family Wellness offers in-house testing for various acute diseases such as Strep, COVID, flu, and urinalysis.

Medical Weight Loss

Excess weight can decrease your quality of life in ways you may not even notice until you reach your healthy weight.

At BlueWater Family Wellness, each patient has a custom-tailored weight loss program specific to their unique needs, health, and goals. Your personalized plan starts with a complete medical exam, blood work, and analysis of your healthy (and unhealthy) habits, preferences, time, lifestyle, and goals. We help guide you through options for nutrition, exercise, medications, or weekly injections, providing expert advice while you remain in complete control. The result is a genuinely individualized combination of clinically proven techniques to lose excess weight and achieve your healthiest life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

As a Direct Primary Care office, BlueWater Family Wellness does not work with or bill any insurance company or plan. When an insurance company is paying, they control every aspect of the service you receive. We believe the best care happens when the patient is in control. We offer honest and complete guidance to help you choose what is best for you.

The Direct Primary Care monthly fee covers your primary care visits with BlueWater Family Wellness; on average primary care accounts for over 80% of healthcare expenses. Still, it is wise to pair your membership with an insurance plan to help with any healthcare expenses such as hospitals, X-rays, and prescriptions. Many patients choose a high-deductible health insurance plan that reduces monthly costs.  We advise you to talk to your insurance agent for guidance on what’s best for you and your family. We can connect you with a local agent to learn more.

Neither Medicare nor Medicaid or private insurance will pay for direct primary care.

Patients on Medicare or Medicaid are still welcome to join our direct primary care with the agreement that none of the services or membership fees will be billed to Medicare or Medicaid.

The Direct Primary Care monthly fee covers all of your primary care visits with BlueWater Family Wellness. Including preventative care, care coordination (like medication check-ups), sick or comprehensive care (like visits for strep throat or the flu), in-office testing (testing limited to in-office rapid tests in stock, monthly limits may apply), and consultations.

This membership does not apply to services outside of BlueWater Family Wellness, such as hospital visits, specialists, urgent care, less common labs, or radiology offices. Prescriptions are not included, but we will work with you to find the most affordable medications.

There may be optional specialty programs (not a normal part of primary care) offered through BlueWater Family Wellness that require a separate fee.

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