Battling Bug Bites

Having the sunset later means more outside time in the evening, which equals more bug bites!

What can you do to protect your child??

When it comes to choosing an insect repellent for children, it’s important to prioritize their safety and use products specifically designed for kids. Here are some tips and considerations for keeping your child safe and selecting a kid-friendly bug spray:

  1. Look for age-appropriate products: Check the product labels to ensure they suit children. Some repellents may have age restrictions, so choose one that is recommended for your child’s age group.
  2. Use 20-30% DEET products after your child is at least 2 months old; it is safe.  Picaridin is a DEET-free, great alternative.  If you prefer using natural ingredients, remember natural isn’t always safer – make sure to do some research on the products you are choosing.
  3. Follow application instructions: Read and follow the instructions provided with the repellent carefully. Avoid spraying it directly onto your child’s face. Instead, spray it on your hands and then apply it to their exposed skin.
  4. Avoid sensitive areas: Keep the repellent away from your child’s eyes, mouth, and hands. Also, avoid applying it to cuts, wounds, or irritated skin – this will sting the skin!
  5. Dress appropriately: Dress your child in lightweight, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, and closed-toe shoes to minimize exposed skin. This can help reduce the need for excessive repellent application.
  6. Use during appropriate times: Apply the repellent when mosquitoes or other insects are most active, such as during dusk or dawn. Reapplication usually isn’t needed; once a day should suffice unless instructions indicate otherwise.
  7. Conduct a patch test: Before applying a new repellent on your child, perform a patch test on a small area of their skin to check for any adverse reactions. If they develop any redness, irritation, or rash, discontinue use immediately.
  8. Store safely: Keep all insect repellents out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion. Make sure to follow the storage instructions provided on the product label.
  9. Avoid wearing bright colors, flowery prints and scented soaps or other products which are more attractive to insects.
  10. Always remember to wash hands before eating!

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